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Cayena Caracas is a state-of-the-art hotel where innovative design and engineering meet with luxury and comfort infused with Venezuelan flavor.

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The Social Living Rooms

Cayena Caracas is a brilliant architectural project, combined with a breathtaking natural landscapery hotel that redefines expectations for luxury hotels. Nestled in the most exclusive area of Caracas, the hotel is the perfect place for those who expect luxury and comfort as the standard when traveling internationally.

A family-owned and operated property, Cayena Caracas is a member within The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd., the elite group with a portfolio of over 430 exclusive luxury properties in more than 80 countries.

Impenetrable to the eyes of the outside world and surrounded by exceptional rooftop landscaping, terraces, and private patios, the Cayena Caracas rooms give the feeling of being in a private retreat enclosed within a beautiful garden. Its heated outdoor pool, located at the rooftop level, is the perfect location to both unwind and exercise while enjoying one of the best climates in the world -- the "eternal spring" -- as they say in Caracas. This landscape unfolds at the footsteps of the striking view of El Ávila, the majestic mountain that embraces the valley of Caracas.

Each room and suite has its own charm.The selection of the ergonomically designed furniture, the feathery weight of the bed linen, the mood lighting, the warm colors and textures of the walls and upholstery - all were brought together by world-famous interior designers to achieve the unique combination of luxury and comfort.

Spacious bathrooms with double marble sinks, robes woven with 100% cotton, and the delicious aroma of freshly-brewed espresso wafting from an Illy machine, are a few examples of the pleasures offered by the rooms and suites at Cayena Caracas.

The hotel is also an ideal location for the business professional, offering three Social Living Rooms exclusively for guests. Each room creates an atmosphere conducive to foster ideas and relationships, decorated in an elegant neo-classical style, surrounded by bookshelves and exquisite furnishings. In addition, Cayena Caracas' boardroom, which can accommodate up to 16 people, offers direct access to a private restaurant area which seats 18 people and gives executives the opportunity to end meetings with a delicious meal in a private setting.

The dining experience at Cayena Caracas is nothing short of exquisite. The hotel proudly boasts La Sibilla, a restaurant known for its fine Italian cuisine and chic ambiance, designed to please the most demanding palates of Caracas and serve hotel guests day and night.

Beginning with your arrival at Simón Bolívar Airport, our staff is available around the clock to assist you and meet all expectations pertaining your comfort and privacy.

We are more than confident that our internationally recognized standards, quality of service and personal attention will make Cayena Caracas your favorite destination away from home and the best place for business and work outside the office.