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Meetings and Events

Unique Caracas Venues

Define Your Moment

Cayena Caracas unveils extraordinary event spaces and unique Caracas venues where enchantment comes alive. Take in the poetic allure of our lush gardens, the ethereal grace of rooftop terraces, and the timeless charm of serene courtyards. Intimate family dinners unfold in our evocative private salons and joyous banquets become transcendent moments inside our restaurant. With a capacity for up to 50 guests, our spaces harmonize comfort and bespoke exclusivity.

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Key Amenities

  • International and Local Menu Combined with Personalized Service
  • Two Boardrooms and Outdoor Terraces
  • Restaurant with Capacity for 60
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Comfortable Executive Furnishings
  • Direct Access to a Private Restaurant Area
  • Opportunity for Exclusive Post-Meeting Dining
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For Every Gathering


Meet at a place like no other and indulge in curated exclusivity for your next meeting, corporate retreat, or small-scale conference. Gather top leadership and executives at a place they never expected.

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For Every Gathering


Corporate events find a stylish home here in Cayena Caracas. At this elegant and stately property, top-tier corporate gatherings and exclusive seminars take on a new life in the collaborative spirit of true achievement.

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For Every Gathering


You thrive in elegant spaces that foster interesting encounters. Our evocative event spaces craft harmonious transitions from indoor to outdoor to mingle, gather, toast, and celebrate.

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Meeting Room 002

Bring your projects to life in a serene, private setting at our secluded Meeting Room 002, designed to host up to 6 attendees. With luxurious service to complement your plans, this is the ideal space to turn your visions into reality.

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The Tepuy Boardroom

Designed to host up to 16 attendees, the Tepuy Boardroom is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, meeting infrastructure, and distinctive executive furniture, ensuring a seamless and productive gathering. Moreover, it provides exclusive access to a private restaurant area, boasting seating capacity for up to 20 guests so you can make that smooth transition from business to pleasure.

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Outdoor Terrace

Surround yourself with natural beauty at Cayena. Our property boasts an impressive collection of plants and species found in nearby El Ávila that can be admired and enjoyed from our scenic outdoor terrace. Marvel at majestic Arborio ferns, a wide variety of palm tree species, stunning orchids, and our hotel’s emblematic cayena flower while you gather under the stars.

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Sereno by Monica Sahmkow

Beyond its exquisite offering of culinary pleasures, Sereno by Monica Sahmkow also stands out as the ideal venue for meetings and banquets for up to 50 guests. Allow our dedicated staff to orchestrate a seamless event where exceptional cuisine harmonizes with a refined setting and impeccable service.

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The Green Monkey Bar

A unique and creative take on the traditional English pub, this stylish and evocative space effortlessly accommodates everything from intimate social gatherings to business meetings, providing a captivating ambiance that seamlessly marries function with enjoyment.

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Social Living Rooms

Appointed with elegant furnishings and a carefully curated library, our unique Social Living Rooms exude a luxurious ambiance similar to that of an exclusive hotel lobby bar. However, these spaces go a step further, offering a unique edge of seclusion. These discreet rooms provide the perfect setting for impromptu meetings and conversations.