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Globally Inspired

A harmonious blend of global inspiration and local fervor comes to life at Sereno. Guided by the discerning hand of Monica Sahmkow, the restaurant stands as a tribute to her vast international culinary experiences. Monica’s deep-rooted respect for local ingredients beautifully intertwines with her expansive global palate, resulting in a meticulously crafted menu. Each dish celebrates elegant fusion, inviting diners into a world where flavors from distant corners meet the cherished tastes of home.

Hours of Operation

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Hours of Operation

open service from 12:00H to 22:30H.

from 12:00H to 16:00H.


Enticing Encounters

Beyond its exquisite offering of culinary pleasures, Sereno by Monica Sahmkow also stands out as the ideal venue for meetings and banquets for up to 50 guests. Allow our dedicated staff to orchestrate a seamless event where exceptional cuisine harmonizes with a refined setting and impeccable service.

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Plan Ahead